15 Best Stitching Styles for Unstitched Suits – Summer Unstitched Online

15 Best Stitching Styles for Unstitched Suits – Summer Unstitched Online

2024 is already a few months in, and now that summer is approaching, air conditioners are out of their packing, fans are set at full speed, and it’s time for summer clothing stitching styles to reappear in our wardrobes.

But the question remains, do you need to wear old, basic, or boring clothes?

Let’s try to mix things up by thinking creatively this summer. The eastern clothes from Beechtree’s unstitched collection are at your disposal, offering a variety of styles, designs, colors, and more. But, to make things simpler for you, we have gathered the best and trendiest stitching styles for women’s unstitched suits.

We bring to you some of the simplest yet trendiest stitching styles that will be a big assist in the upcoming days of various events. Let’s get ready to redefine the stitching designs. No more fear of the tailor ruining your suits because of the difficult cuts because these designs are simple yet very very trendy and classy.

Overall, you will be getting a glam transformation in a classy, unstitched collection of your favorite designs through a proper guide.

These are our top 15 stitching styles Let’s start, shall we?

  1. Cut-Outs
  2. Tiered Skirt
  3. Flared Pants
  4. Straight Shirt
  5. Layered Look
  6. Peplum Style
  7. Wrap Design
  8. Lace Detailing
  9. Cape Detailing
  10. Button Detailing
  11. Keyhole Neckline
  12. Matching Separates
  13. Long Frock Design
  14. Embroidered Panels
  15. Asymmetrical Hemlines

Let’s get on with the details of the above stitching styles:

  • Cut-Outs

For a daring and contemporary look, consider incorporating strategic cut-outs into your unstitched suits. You can add the cut-out in the sleeves in the form of intricate patterns of your choice or to the back with an oval cut. This trend adds a modern flair to traditional attire, and it will look lovely on any outfit, be it a long shirt or short, or even a dress suit.

Be creative and unique. Be You.

  • Tiered Skirt

Select a tiered skirt design to add movement and drama to your outfit. And you have a number of options to work with this style. You can go with a subtle two-tiered design or make some noise with a cascading multi-tiered skirt. Whatever option you opt for, this style will add texture and visual appeal to your overall look.

  • Flared Pants

If you are really looking for amazing inspiration for your summer wear, then do not ignore the flared pants. Instead of the matching 2-piece, select a color palette and try it with a printed shirt. The flared pants are making a comeback because of the volume they add and the flair they bring.

Short shirts, most likely, will be a better match with such trousers.

  • Straight Shirt

Long shirts (kameez) are an all-time favorite of ladies in the summer. The craze is not going to go away anytime soon. You can pair it with trousers, pants, jeggings, and so on. 

The straight silhouette is indeed a timeless style, and it is staying in the trends for a much longer time! 

The beauty of this design is evident, as you can match it with all sorts of bottoms and still look your best. Printed and solid straight shirts are a must-have. So, buy from the unstitched collection and get it stitched into a nice long straight shirt today.

Wear the perfect piece as an everyday essential.

  • Layered Look

Create depth and dimension by incorporating layered elements into your unstitched suits. This could include overlaying fabrics, adding tiered panels to your kameez, or opting for a jacket-style top over a simple shirt.

  • Peplum Style

Embrace the timeless charm of peplum detailing. A peplum adds a flattering flare to the waistline, creating a chic and feminine silhouette. Consider adding a peplum to your kameez or even your trousers for a unique look.

  • Wrap Design

Incorporate wrap-style elements into your unstitched suits for a sophisticated yet trendy aesthetic. Whether it's a wrap-style top or wrap-around trousers, this design adds visual interest and a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

  • Lace Detailing

Lace has been part of the fashion industry since forever. Modern bridal wear has increased the intricate designs the most. Use these for your everyday wear as well. There is no doubt in its power of timelessness and its traits of unlimited beauty.

Do you remember the lace patterns your elders talked about? No wonder people still love it. It has some sort of nostalgic feeling attached to it as well. So, for your next unstitched dress, go and get some awesome designs to add the oomph element to your dress.

Add some to your neckline, or a contrasting lace can be placed on the sleeves, either vertically or horizontally. The glam will go up, you have to believe it to actually feel it.

  • Cape Detailing

Elevate your unstitched suits with the addition of a cape-style overlay. Whether it's a sheer cape attached to the kameez or a separate cape worn over the ensemble, this dramatic detailing adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to your outfit.

  • Button Detailing

The button-down western shirts are not everyone’s favorite for no reason; the classic style suits perfectly on both prints and embroideries. Using button detailing in Eastern wear is a great idea.

Whether you prefer a three or two-piece or just a simple shirt, make it extraordinary by using the button detailing, in the front and even in other cuts. The hype of button detailing the necklines has already started. Trust us, button detailing ensures you stand out at any kind of formal or informal event.

These intricate details will elevate your fashion game in an instant. Try it today.

  • Keyhole Neckline

Sometimes the most important part of your dress is the neckline. You can put your dupatta on one side and set your hair in a bun. This is the formal look where your neckline takes all the concentration, making it the first thing people notice.

Now, when you style it by using the stitching style we call a keyhole neckline, you are good to go. No necklaces are required. Only earrings will complete the look.

You can also look for more ideas about the trending neckline designs. The more intricate the details, the better the look. Recently, a variety of necklines have surfaced, from one variant to another. Still, the one that holds attention the most is the keyhole neckline.

And why won’t it? It is not just delicate and sophisticated, but it also completes the elegant look most people hope for!

  • Matching Separates

This sunny summer, florals, lines, and solid colors, in both prints and embroidery, are available in the most loved co-ord sets. Matching separates are the trendiest fashion nowadays for everyday wear.

With that in mind, when you are using the prints and embroideries made by Beechtree, the range of colors is so exquisite that you will only be glad when you buy the matching separates. The 2-piece collection in both pret and unstitched will do justice. 

  • Long Frock 

For some formal events with friends or close family, enjoying Ramazan or Eid is a must. Wearing a long frock not only offers a modest dress for you for the occasion but also adds elegance and class to your look.

Just enhance the overall look by selecting some floral prints or solid colors and adding some flair to it. Your tailor will know what to do.

  • Embroidered Panels

Incorporate embroidered panels into your unstitched suits for an intricate and luxurious finish. Whether it's delicate floral embroidery on the sleeves or bold geometric patterns along the hemline, embroidery adds richness and elegance to your ensemble.

  •  Asymmetrical Hemlines

Hemlines, asymmetrical, are a perfect style to experiment with on classic patterns and designs of unstitched clothes to give a modern, elegant look in an instant. The edgy look with asymmetrical hemlines is a separate vibe that will suit any formal event.

Choose Beechtree’s latest unstitched collection, summer or luxury for multiple designs. The Eid Collection, are also Available In-Stores & Online

By incorporating these additional options, you can create unique and personalized looks that reflect your individual style preferences.

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