5 Best Shoes for Women: Comfort or Style ? How about both

5 Best Shoes for Women: Comfort or Style ? How about both

Winters mean boots, joggers, and the like, however, this variety is less when compared to the summer collection of footwear. When you come face to face with hundreds, if not thousands, of footwear styles, you may get confused. The best shoes for women are out there, you just need to understand what to look for.

Comfort or Style: The Battle Is Real

Truth be told, there are ladies; strong, independent, and wise, who prefer heels, and after some time the comfort comes on its own. But there are also women who prefer comfort right from the beginning. Running in heels — yes,  women have superpowers like these, is not everyone’s piece of cake. You know?

However, more and more ladies are turning to comfort for everyday footwear. Be it a university class or any day at the office, now comfort is getting the attention it deserves in our honest opinion. And brands are following the trend.

We bring you the best comfortable shoes for women that will not cause havoc on your financial plans. These shoes are carefully selected based on style, comfort, summer hues, fashion sense, and inexpensive variables.

The Old Rose Strappy Sandals

White crystals on the front and delicate straps in the back in these Old Rose sandals are not just comfortable but also stylish, chic, and cute. 

The perfect combination of cute and sassy makes this one of those flat options in footwear for women that you can wear all day without feeling the tiredness and exhausted.

Care for your beautiful feet. Go for a pedicure. But, wear these flats at the end before going out.

Patchwork Patterned Black Slip-ons

These slip-ons are perfect.

The patterned patchwork makes these goodies perfect for a walk, a party, a meeting, etc. The bottom of your feet will thank you, as unlike other slip-ons, this black pair of sophistication brings all eyes to your feet.

Go and check out this item in Beechtree’s store or check all images online to get a better idea.


Comfortable Open-Toed Mule 


These flats are yet another remarkable option that you should definitely buy. For one, these are in a golden shade that will up your dressing game by 100 points in an instant.

Add life to your look with these lovely yet comfortable open-toed mule flats, which was never an easy task.

When we say comfortable, it means your feet are going to dance the happy dance. For an open-toed mule, these flats are anything but ordinary. The color, the touch, the feel, and the design, everything speaks fashion, is modern, and is comfortable at the same time.


So why wait?

Summer Begins with Summer Hues

These “Toe Strap Sandals” in orange and pink pops of color are utter excellence, resembling many colors of summer.

The yellow color corresponds with the sun and the summer’s vibe. On the other hand, the darker shades of pink and purple combined help enhance the entire look.

Believe it or not, it works. Not sure of the science behind it.


Slipper with Dual Straps for a Stronger Yet Gentler Grip

Have you ever found a pair of slippers that not only provided the comfort that you always craved for and your feet wanted, with a style that shouted elegance and sophistication in a low pitch kind of scream?

Well, these slippers are exactly that.

Even the price seems perfect when you compare it with other low-quality copies. What can be better than buying something that you can even wear for more than just a year?

The color is not bright, so even people with such tastes can definitely get these shoes without any anxiety.


These are just 5 of the best options for footwear that you can use if you are someone on the lookout for comfort, expensive vibes, and stylish aurora for yourself this summer. The idea behind this blog was to give you what to look for when you cannot compromise on style or comfort. 

Many ladies today, student, job holders, homemakers, or thrill seekers have shifted their focus from pure style to a combination of style and comfort. This way, they are performing better and efficiently.

Many female customers have shown high interest in this combination which was also seen when some of the shoes were taken out of this list because they were already out of stock. So, if you find any one of these just your type, then do not wait. You may not find your size tomorrow.

For more information and other designs, you can go and visit us online at Beechtree. Let us celebrate the summer, the longest season in Pakistan, with shoes that match its vibe.
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