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Add Glam to Your Formal Dresses: Let the 2024 Festivity Begin

Fashion today is nothing if not your own style combined with the right dress and the perfect accessories that go with it. We know getting your hands on the right dress, especially during the festive season, is not an easy job. 

And since 2024 is rolling in faster than we could say “party ho rai ha," it’s a whirlwind where ladies are trying to find a formal unstitched dress that they can style with their own flair.

Fortunately, Beechtree’s luxury formal dresses, the unstitched collection 2024, have arrived just in time. There are limited pieces in it designed with the perfect combination of chic and tradition that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

We love the whole collection, but the following 5 are our all-time favorites. So, grab the one you love before the luxury unstitched 3-piece and 4-piece formal dresses with impeccable designs go out of stock.

Note: This luxury collection is as mesmerizing as the images below show. From Eid celebrations to wedding functions like sangeet, mehendi, baraat, or walima, these formal dresses can be your ultimate fashion partners for all formal events and parties.

Also, the intricate embroidery patterns and multi-color designs you will see below are unique and created with you and the festive season in mind.

We hope you love wearing these as much as we loved creating these.

Oyster Bloom | Elegance

Formal Dresses for women |Oyster Bloom | Elegance


This exquisite 4-piece luxury formal dress is made of luxury cotton embroidered on thefront of the shirt, sleeves, and borders of the dupatta. To enhance the sophistication, the back is made from net and cotton with a viscose inner.

The beautiful shirt is combined with a raw silk trouser to complete the elegant look, perfect for any kind of party, be it a wedding or chotti Eid, which is coming soon too, actually. Accessorize with a choker-style necklace and round earrings, and you are good to go.

Tip: You can also combine the overall look with soft makeup. Trust us, this soft glow and this luxury dress are a match made in heaven.

Artic Sage | Sophistication

Formal Dresses for women


This cute 3 piece and two-toned suit from our luxury unstitched collection is rather one of the rare ones. The color, embroidery, and style are both chic and sophisticated simultaneously, which is rare nowadays.

Here too, you will find the embroidery present on the front of the shirt, on the sleeves, and the organza dupatta. The look is completed by adding viscose raw silk pants.

The best part is that to go with the flow of the elegant style, only earrings are sufficient to complete the look.

Stitch it according to your taste by adding small beads that match the color scheme of this dress, and you are ready to go out on bridal showers, engagement parties, or even retail outlet opening ceremonies.

There is something else too!

This 3-piece can be yours for only 8,000 rupees. Now it is up to you whether you want to wait while it goes out of stock or grab it and party.

Tip: Stitch the pants in the straight-cut design; it will rock the whole look.

Noir Elegance | Stylish

Formal Dresses for women


Black: the best color for any and every occasion!

Now, when you add multi-colored embroidery to it, the final outcome is sleek and flattering!!!

Just how we like it!

Beechtree brings you a cool 4-piece formal dress from its embroidered luxury unstitched collection. The whole vibe of this dress is modern, chic, and cool. You can combine this organza net shirt and net dupatta with its matching viscose raw silk pants with white and gold dangles or drop earrings to give an extremely sophisticated and stylish final look.

Once done, no alterations are necessary. For any event, small or big, formal or informal, this dress is for all.

Tip: add a couple of rings, less wide ones, to complete the uff/glam look.

Garland Glow | Lively

Formal Dresses for women

The light green 4-piece dress from Beechtree’s 2024 luxury unstitched collection emerges as a lively and positively optimistic style option for you this jolly season of weddings, parties, and celebrations.

This beautiful organza and net 4-piece dress is made possible by giving the highest attention to detail. We love how the light green base and multi-colored embroidery complement each other perfectly.

Tip: When you are getting it stitched, add hanging lace to up the wow look.

Exquisite Ruby | Love

Formal Dresses for women


This one-of-a-kind organza 4-piece exquisite suit is the perfection that anyone expecting a formal event to attend must have in their wardrobe. It adds style, grace, perfection, and attractiveness to the final look.

This pure organza 4-piece suit oozes luxury and style without even trying. Complete the look by adding a pair of high heels that show below the raw silk pants. 

Tip: Add a pair of golden hoop earrings, but avoid a necklace, as this dress is made to be worn like this. Trust us. You can add a simple bracelet if you love jewelry pieces.

Apart from these amazing luxury dresses, check out the whole formal collection "Luxe 24" that includes a huge variety to suit your taste at all coming soon occasions.

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