Get Your Summer’22 Fashion on Point with Beechtree Pret

Get Your Summer’22 Fashion on Point with Beechtree Pret

There’s no denying the fact that the way you carry yourself with Pakistani pret wear can make or break your day. Dressing up the chic way really does elevate your mood and vibe for the whole day. It is definitely the key to feeling confident from inside and out. Right now, this is the best time to revamp your summer fashion with gorgeous pret options for this season because new collections have been coming to the surface. Beechtree also has launched a wide variety of pret and luxury pret to cure your wardrobe woes for the season. The collection is a secret ingredient to take your wardrobe game to the next level while being within your budget. Isn’t that cool? Well, it definitely is.
Here’s everything you should expect from Beechtree pret collection from SS’22 collection.

Flattering Fusion Pakistani Pret Wear

Don't we all need cute tops to go with denim and trousers laying idle in the closet? Of course, we all do and rightfully season. In that case, Beechtree has the coolest options available for you. The fusion tops from this year’s pret category go very well with the trend and the tops are super versatile. You can style them in various ways and make your day like never before. The dreamy embroideries and refreshing prints are really what you need this year. These tops are priced within the bracket of Rs. 2,500 and 4,000. You can pair them up with chic pants and accessorize them with chunky accessories to create the look you have been dreaming of. Below are two of our favourite tops you should definitely get your hands on from fusion Pakistani pret category.

Embroidered Fusion Top

Soft hues are a summer staple that you should never miss out on. This fusion pret top is just the right fit for this category. The floral embroidered motifs on the shirt and the tassels on the neckline really make the outfit stand apart. The top is neither too flashy nor too bland which is why it is the perfect choice for various occasions. You can style it in the most casual way and make it look formal as well. The style really does give you the creative freedom to play around with your style sense. It is also very reasonable priced at Rs. 3,250 which is obviously pretty great for an embroidered top from Beechtree’s Pakistani pret wear collection.

Checkered Fusion Top

If there’s one fashion that won’t ever fade away, it’s the checkered tops. This is the main reason why we would recommend this fusion top from the latest pret collection to you girls. The style is no doubt effortlessly chic and will really win your hearts over. Just a minimal makeup look and accessories with it will make enhance your look. This shirt is made for you if you are all for effortlessly cool looks for summers. Moreover, the style makes the best solution for your everyday wear to the office, daily errands, and so much more. What more do you look for in life?

Glamorous Luxury Pret

Got no time for the shopping spree and there’s a friend’s formal dinner, right around the corner? Well, that’s absolutely nothing to worry about because Beechtree luxury pret has got you covered in so many ways. With just the right amount of bling and dazzle, Beechtree luxury pret can make your formal event complete. Above all, it's the quickest solution to get fashion-forward formal wear when you get to know of your friend's intimate wedding function on short notice. Not only is this but the luxury Pakistani pret wear line is also very affordable considering its formal wear. In a nutshell, it's a win-win from all aspects. The category has a variety of fashionable options ranging from solid-colored silk outfits to intricately embroidered pret.

Silk Shirt

Who doesn’t get enough of solid silk shirts? There’s something about solid shirts that we can’t get enough for all the right reasons. Beechtree’s luxury pret section has an attractive range of solid-colored dresses. We bet the black silk dress will be love at first sight for you. It's the perfect attire for a formal evening out. Put the dress on, curl your hair, and do that makeup with your favorite shade of red lipstick. Also, don’t forget to add a chunky piece of jewelry on your neck and hands for the wow factor. The dress from luxury pret really has the power to help you create a head-turning look for the evening.

Printed Shirt with Dupatta

Black and floral motifs go hand in hand. The combination is more powerful than your imagination and so we have shortlisted this outfit from luxury pret. The hints of pink, yellow, and green on black really add life to the look. Needless to say, it can be a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are looking for something that’s refreshing, chic, and affordable like never before. The shirt is paired with a complimenting printed dupatta with similar floral patterns and solid borders.

Printed and Embroidered Pret

Basic printed and embroidered pret are a staple for the everyday summer wardrobe. These outfits always come to the rescue whether you have to go to work or a brunch with your friends. Moreover, a light-coloured pret shirt is a perfect fit for summers where all you need to do is beat the heat and live your ebst life without compromising a lot on your style. Beechtree pret is a great solution in this regard where you can choose multiple options falling in various price points that suit you. The category consists of fashionable printed and embroidered pret including shirts and 2pc outfits. No doubt, it’s more like a one-stop solution which we all need in times of style crisis.

Linen Pret

Trust us girls, you wouldn't find fits so cool for your everyday affairs. The category comprises simple striped long shirts for an effortlessly chic look. All shirts in the linen pret category come in basic tones topped with subtle colored stripes. The most exciting part is that the outfits are currently on Resolution Day sale which means you can shop away without breaking your banks. You can get the outfits for less than Rs, 3,000 now. Isn’t that totally amazing? Moreover, these outfits from Pakistani pret wear have been the hottest sellers so far because of their practicality and style game so you should definitely browse through the collection while the articles are still in stock.

Basic Pret

Right now, the need for comfortable and fashionable basic pret applies to all. Everyone around us is on the lookout for outfits which they can carry in style and not feel uncomfortable during the scorching summers in our country. Beechtree has super practical options for basic pret which you shouldn't definitely browse through. From printed shirts to solid shirts, you can have it all from the collection. Also, don't forget to check out checkered shirts that are not going out of trend anytime soon. Needless to say, it is probably the best section for our girls who are in search of outfits under Rs. 2,500 because some very cool articles are still on Resolution Day sale so it’s good!


This was just a glimpse of what’s all included in Beechtree pret and luxury pret. There is so much more in the collection that you can take advantage of and create statement looks. We would highly recommend visiting nearby Beechtree outlets or simply visiting to find the hidden treasures you have been waiting for. Stay connected to our platform to find out more about what's in stores for you all in terms of Pakistani pret wear. There will be a lot coming up in the future.
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