Guide on Choosing the Right Bag in the Right Color for the Right Events

Guide on Choosing the Right Bag in the Right Color for the Right Events

Are you taking the same handbag in the same color to both your work and your friend’s gathering?


We mean that you can do that, but to manage your style and personality, we have a guide that will help you use the right bag for the right event. In addition, some color coordination will make it even better, which is also included here. Selecting the perfect bag for various occasions can add a lot to your style. In addition, it also ensures you can be fashionable without compromising the functional aspect of the bag.  So, let’s get right into it. Here are some tips for choosing the right bag and color for different events:

Casual Outings

By casual outings, we are referring to events or occasions where you do not have to look fancy or formal. Going out for a movie, hanging out at some friend’s home, going bowling, or taking an art class - all of these events are casual.  
For all kinds of casual events, not any bag is the right one. Casual outings need bags that support that need and provide the exact needed function.

Bag Types for Casual Events

The most productive and efficient options for such events include the following bags as a must-have accessory:
  • Shoulder Bag

  • Backpack

  • Crossbody Bag

Color choices

Black is our all-time favorite color for when we need versatility. The thing is, a bag in this color will match almost any casual outfit.


Perfect for a laid-back, earthy vibe. Pair with jeans and a tee or a casual dress.


Great for summer outings, complements light and pastel colors.

Outfit pairing

Denim jeans, casual long dresses, a pair of super comfortable shoes like sneakers or simple flats like sandals.

Work and business meetings

For work or formal business meetings, wearing a backpack or a shoulder bag is not appropriate. Here, wearing something that gives off an official vibe is more likely to be a good fit. Usually, people use laptop bags to go to work.
It means that, apart from this, women have to carry another bag. So, a smaller or medium-sized bag can do the trick, which will not add a lot of weight to the laptop bag.


Bag Types for Work or Business Meetings

  • Hobo Bag

  • Mini Bag

Color Choices: 


The ultimate professional color, matching well with business suits and formal attire.


Offers a classic, sophisticated look, especially with navy or neutral outfits.


Adds a touch of elegance while keeping the look polished.

Outfit pairing

Blazers, pencil skirts, tailored trousers, blouses.

Evening events and parties

Every now and then ladies love them on some occasions where they can dress up and show the world that they can do it all. Such evenings call for special bags. Be it a party in family or work, these are the two most common evening bags that women love.

Bag type



Pouch Bag

Color choices


Timeless and chic, perfect for formal and semi-formal events.


Adds a glamorous, dazzling touch, especially with black or metallic dresses.

Other colors

Gold for ultimate glamour, red for a bold statement, and sequined for sparkling charm.

Outfit pairing

Silky black dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, high heels. The trick here is to understand that both the color and bag type need to be well coordinated to ensure that your need for the fashion style is met for whatever event you want to make.
When you successfully match the right bag type and color to the event you are attending and the outfit you are wearing, congratulations, now you look stylish to the extent you want and more. 
Tip: don’t be afraid to play with different combinations of bags, outfits, and colors to find the match that is perfect for your own style and the occasion.


We have now gone through some types of bags most suited for specific events. Some dressing options are also included. But the main point is to keep experimenting and see what works for you better.
But, coming to our main point in this blog, bags are more than just accessories. Bags are expressions of your style and personality.  When you have so many types and colors to choose from, it can be confusing, which is why this blog helps you find the perfect bag for any occasion.
Now, you can opt for a classic black tote, a shimmering silver clutch, or a vibrant-colored mini bag; no matter what you select, just remember that the right choice will enhance your look. In addition, the right selection will also make you feel confident and chic.
Happy bag hunting, ladies!
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