Style Guide for Summer 2024 – Pakistani Readymade Dresses

Style Guide for Summer 2024 – Pakistani Readymade Dresses

Summer is kind of playing hide and seek at the moment. It’s only February, and the sun keeps coming out shining brightly, making all of us confused about whether it's already time for summer clothes or not; be it readymade dresses or unstitched lawn fabric.

Ready-to-Wear Dresses to Beat the Heat this Summer

Honestly, as much as the coming of winter brings a lot of amazing dressing options with long coats, jackets, and so on, the summer fashion style has an amazing vibe too - an unmatched positive vibe.

The colors, the dressing style, the patterns, and so on, in summer, are just love-filled. To beat the heat, knowing which trend to follow and which colors to select can make all the difference.

Summer brings a really good feeling, and why not show it through your summer clothes with some of the most loved pret collection pieces out there?

Curious as to how to get ready for the sunny, warm days ahead?

Following are some of the tips you can use to get ready on warm summer days:

  1.     Try vibrant colors instead of dark shades or all-black as they don't absorb heat as much. White, sky blue, baby pink, orange, yellow, and magenta, to name a few. These cheerful colors are exactly what you need to bring a lively aura to anywhere you go.
  1. Lightweight fabrics are exactly what this summer needs. The rise in temperature leads to irritation and lots of sweat if the right fabric is not used. Lightweight fabrics like lawn and cotton are known for their breathable traits and moisture-locking characteristics. Both of these options help people wearing these fabrics to feel calmer and cooler, literally.
  2.     Trendy Readymade Clothing to wear this summer is what everyone wishes for. Trends and fashion styles change each year. Sometimes the classics come back. Other times, new trends set in. In summer, ensure that your clothes are as trendy and unique as you, readymade dresses help a lot. 

You can just go and select the style and color combination that speaks to your inner diva and let that “buy now” click do all the talking.

  1.     For comfort and style, pret collection pieces like 1 piece shirts (longer or shorter), 2 piece suits (shirt and dupatta or shirt and trouser), 3 piece dresses (complete dress so you don’t have to use your precious time to mix and match), and co-ord sets (super famous, trendy, and perfect for summer wear) are what you need.

As the temperature rises, it's time to welcome the warmth & hotness with a collection of ready-to-wear basics that blend comfort with style every day, easily.

At Heart of Summer Fashion

In the very heart of summer fashion lies lightness, breathability, and effortless styling. The perfect blend is achieved once cool, chic, and bright colors are matched with perfection. The retro and modern combination also helps in perfecting this partnership between your style and summer vibes.

Visit the sea in Karachi, travel to the Northern areas, go paragliding at Khanpur Dam or zip lining at Malam Jabba, go on a wall climbing adventure in Lahore, welcome Ramzan and prepare for Eid in beautiful outfits that do not come between your adventure and comfort.


Do all of the above and more with Beechtree’s pret collection without any worry.

Vibrant Colors and Playful Prints

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with bold colors and playful prints that reflect the vibrancy of the season.

Options Fashion Experts Recommend

Wear sunny yellow shirts

Opt for the electric blue pret

Try some tropical floral love

Go for the nautical stripes

Incorporate lively hues and eye-catching patterns, and add all of these to your wardrobe to instantly upgrade your summer style.

Accessories to Add Extra Layer of Style this Summer

Accessorizing with lightweight scarves and hats not only adds a touch of flair to your summer outfits but also provides additional protection from the sun's rays. You should try airy cotton scarves in playful prints or wide-brimmed hats adorned with both vibrant colors and simplicity in white and blue.

Styling is everything. Check out this scarf styling option for more ideas.

Next comes jewelry, in which using a minimalistic look can give you a surprisingly fulfilling final look. Just add a pair of earrings, be it vibrant yellow or sophisticated golden, and you are almost there.

Summer & Pret: The Perfect Unification

Summer's early peek in February has left us contemplating the switch to vibrant, lightweight attire. There are only a few options to consider now, including accepting cheerful colors like white and magenta, coupled with breathable fabrics like lawn and cotton, getting ready with various accessories, and letting the minimalistic look take the front seat.

Staying on-trend with readymade dresses and Beechtree's pret collection for a blend of comfort and style will not let down this summer. Experiment with bold colors and playful prints, adding accessories like scarves and hats. Minimalistic jewelry, such as cute earrings, completes the perfect summer look.

Let’s welcome the warmth of Summer 2024 with a collection that effortlessly blends comfort with style. Get ready for making every day a fashion statement in the heart of summer.

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