Styling Tips for Your Summer Unstitched Suits

Styling Tips for Your Summer Unstitched Suits


Welcome Ladies,

We love your taste in unstitched fabric. If you are here on this page, you do not compromise on quality. But, to make sure that you are ready for the upcoming months of scorching heat and warm breezes, we bring you some styling tips that you can use.

Unstitched summer collections with the best designs may not be suitable for the summer. you need to know what works and what doesn’t before you go out as the trendsetter of the fashion industry.

Let’s talk about some practical styling tips ardent to Beechtree's 2-piece and 3-piece suits, making sure that you radiate effortless elegance all summer long.

Understanding Your Summer Style

Summer style is all about staying cool. At the same time, being comfortable all the while staying sophisticated is essential as well. The dress you wear will always be an important variable in this situation. Whether you prefer classic elegance or a touch of contemporary, you should always, always, understand your personal style as that is the key to all styles. 

For summers, consider opting for lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen, which not only offer breathability but also exude a laid-back yet refined charm perfectly suited for the season's vibes.

Key Elements of Beechtree's Unstitched Suits

Beechtree's Summer Unstitched Suits epitomize the essence of summer with their lightweight fabrics and chic designs. In addition to the lightweight fabric, for a better summer style, also select simple prints and summer colors.

From 2-piece sets ideal for casual outings to 3-piece ensembles perfect for formal gatherings, you can check the collections available on our website to get a better idea. Visuals are a big impactful art for the whole thing, after all.

The colors are a big part of the visualization part. From solid colors to two-toned co-ord sets are seriously going to amaze you. The latest collection is worth every second and cent you spend on finding the right option.

Practical Styling Tips for Summer

  • Breathable Layers:

Layering may not be an idea in the summers according to the majority, however, trust us on this.

The art of layering with Beechtree's Summer Unstitched Suits is just not ordinary. You can opt for breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to keep you cool and all the while you will be still maintaining a polished look.

You can style it like a long open robe or use the dupatta to create a small shirt. All in all, the options are numerous.

  • Mixing and Matching:
  • Experiment with mixing and matching pieces within your 2-piece or 3-piece suit to create a variety of looks. Some options can be pairing a lightweight blazer, made of cotton or lawn, with tailored trousers, loose ones are better for a casual-chic vibe.

    You can always change a thing or two later if needed, but time is of the essence as the summer is here and there is nothing more we can do to stop it except for letting it come and get ready for it.

  • Accessorizing for Warm Weather:
  • Accessories are always one of the coolest and most impactful part of your overall look. Your summer will be much better, look-wise, with the right accessories. 

    What can you use?

    From lightweight scarves, summer hats, and delicate jewelry to slide-ons complement your unstitched suit while keeping you cool and stylish in the summer sun.

    Adapting Your Style for Different Occasions

    From outdoor weddings to office meetings and casual brunches, Beechtree's Summer Unstitched Suits are going to make you the center of attention. You will for sure be the trendsetter because the summer designs are worth it.

    The thing with the unstitched collection is that you have the full authority. You wish is what matters. Use the designs enwrapped in beautiful colors and add your own touch in it. Make it as wonderful as you are.

    Sustainability and Care in Summer

    At Beechtree, you should know that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Our Summer Unstitched Suits are made with the environment in mind, using eco-friendly practices. To ensure your suits last for a lot of seasons to come, it will be great if you follow care instructions and store them properly during the months of summer.


    With Beechtree's Summer Unstitched Suits and these practical styling tips, you can embrace the essence of summer with effortless elegance. Whether you're attending a formal event or enjoying a casual day out, our collection offers timeless sophistication and comfort for the modern woman. So, go ahead, explore your summer style, and let Beechtree be your guide to sartorial perfection this season.

    In addition, why not make things interesting? Share you styles that you added to our designs and let the world see what a wonderful, inspirational summer look you have created.

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