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Collection: Absolute Pants S24

Trousers & Pants for Women – Bottom Clothing Collection by Beechtree

Your fashion game should be just like you; unique, exciting, modern, trendy, and classic or retro if you are feeling it. This is why Beechtree’s stylish collection of a diverse range from trendy trousers to cargo pants is a must-have this summer.

Give your wardrobe a much-needed transformation with these elite pieces.

Where to Wear?

Our carefully selected high-quality women's pants and trousers are perfect for almost all occasions. Just change the shirt — long, short, button-down, etc. - and add a few accessories to change the look from chic to office-ready, or even a comfortable everyday dress with these bottom clothing options.

Soon, there will be an even larger collection comprising new additions like mom pants, wide trousers, skinny and flare options, and culottes. So, keep an eye out for these and keep checking back for the latest trendy designs, some with retro vibes, to complete your look in your style.

Cargo Trousers

Cargo trousers, high-waisted, are perfect for a casual or everyday look while you are out and about with friends or family. The high-waisted option helps you style into any Western elegance in no time.

Jogger Pants

The elastic, comfy, and baggy on the top and slimmer at the bottom kind of bottoms are called the jogger pants. These are essentially must-haves at home. But many people love this piece of clothing whenever they are traveling due to the soft and comfy texture and fit for women and men, both. The jogger pants by Beechtree in multiple colors are selling hot right now. Many customers asked us to offer a sale on this product specifically, and so we did.

Tailored Pants

If you trust us for a minute on everything fashion, then know that instead of jeans, tailored pants are the best pants for women options to wear this summer. It’s more comfortable, better adjusted, and easy to move in.

It also goes better in style with any kind of top.

 A tailored cut has less fabric than a regular fit. This is why you may see that these pants end slightly higher on the ankle. 

But, at the same time, a tailored-fitting pair of trousers also offers a lot more room for movement than you will find when wearing a slim-fit option like jeans or trousers.

The perfect outcome is achieved when these clothing pieces don't hug the body too much.

Our Suggestion? Ditch your jeans this season for Beechtree’s Tailored Pants. 

Whatever style or bottoms you choose, this summer all of the pants and trousers are made especially for the summer. The fabric is soft and breathable. Not to mention, all of the pants for women are filled with stylishness and versatility to let you make a statement on your terms.

High-waisted and wide-leg tailored pants are one of the finest and hottest items in our collection right now; that too in a much greater variety than other options.

Check out our selection, and keep an eye out for more items coming soon.