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5 of our Favourite Outerwear Picks from Beechtree’s winter 2021 Collection

Hello, ya’ll! The temperature is continuing to drop so don’t settle for less when buying winter outerwear. You all deserve to spend the chilly spell the fashionable way. This winter, Beechtree has come up with the coolest outerwear for women that does not only give a sudden boost to your fashion game but also keep you cozy, comfy, and warm.

Here’s a rundown of what all has Beechtree got in stores to complete your outerwear wardrobe.

Puffer Jackets

This is just the right time to put on fabulous layers and get on with your lives. With so many ways to layer up your winter looks, a puffer jacket is one of our favourite forms of outer wear. We are head over heels for this category of jackets and we don’t think we will be getting over the trend anytime soon.

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The presence of puffer jackets in your closet elevates your mood and style all at once. This year Beechtree dropped the coolest versions of the said category of outerwear for women out of which our favourite is the yellow puffer. Needless to say, it is the perfect prop to add interest to your everyday winter look.


There is no better investment than owning cardigans for that effortless and laid-back everyday look during the chilly season. The stylist inside us cannot resist sharing a million-dollar tip with you all. Girls, never hesitate to bless your wardrobe with quite a few of these womens outerwear pieces. No worries if you feel deprived of chic cardigans. Beechtree has them all for you. If we were you, we would love to buy the dull orange cardigan and style it like the world is watching us. It is priced at Rs. 3.950 only which is super cool for a cardigan.


Cardigans, womens outerwear


Sherpa Jackets and Hoodies

Yes, you heard that right. This year Beechtree took the cutest initiative of bringing in the warmest Sherpa fleece jackets and hoodies in the winter outerwear collection online and in stores. The insane warmth of Sherpa is worth falling in love with. It is definitely that one winter buy where you should give no second thoughts. Honestly, girls, we are obsessed! 

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winter outerwear


Sherpa Jackets, outerwear’s


Sweater Coords

Winter co-ords have been making gorgeous waves in the fashion industry this winter. Beechtree also decided to become a part of the bandwagon and the excitement is real, girls! These sweater co-ords are more like a winter uniform for us. The entire collection of womens outerwear involving co-ords is to die for. All thanks to the unlimited comfort topped with fashionable silhouettes. Whether you are travelling in a plane or going to a night out with your gang, this category of outer wear should always be there to the rescue. These sets at Beechtree are priced between Rs. 6,990 and Rs. 7,200. Attaching pictures of our favourite ones here.

Sweater Coords, outer wear
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Winter and pullovers go hand in hand, right? Pullovers are classic so there’s no reason to not have one in your closet. Do you know what the best thing about these types of outerwear is? You can style them up in a bundle of ways. Our chosen style of wearing pullovers is pairing them up with stockings and a cozy scarf and you are all set to hit the party! It’s high time you step inside your nearest Beechtree outlet and get your hands on some classic pullover pieces.

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So, now you know what types of outerwear to buy when you visit the Beechtree store. We are sure you will be swooning over the entire collection. But girls, don’t delay because you have got to create that stellar New Year’s Eve look.