Unstitched Winter Volume III

Beechtree’s Unstitched Winter Volume III is Here to Fix your Wardrobe Woes
We heard you are looking for some flawless unstitched winter dresses for your everyday wear. Well, you are exactly on the right platform. Beechtree is here again with a very attractive collection of unstitched online and in stores.

We bet you won’t browse through the collection without making a few of the articles a part of your life. Don’t believe us? No worries! We are here to share the magic that the unstitched winter Volume III by Beechtree is.

Let’s get to it!

1. The Monochromes
The never-ending love for the black and white touch to the winter wardrobe got us here. The love affair is here to stay and we are totally not ashamed of it. The recent winter unstitched volume by Beechtree has some chic monochrome outfits that are a perfect pick for a Sunday brunch. Our two top picks are Midnight Trinket and Mystic Black. Both the outfits feature embroideries that are love at first sight and priced at Rs. 3,450 only. It’s a steal!


2. Majestic Shawls

Our fashion brigade says to have at least two to three unstitched winter outfits in your wardrobe that are paired with warm yet fashionable shawls. You can find some amazing designs from Beechtree’s recent unstitched winter volume. From vibrant hues to subtle tones, the collection has it all. The outfits look jaw-dropping when stitched the right way. These articles are priced between Rs. 3,450 and Rs. 4,950. Our favourite picks are attached below. What about you?

3. Checkered Prints

We really adore the fact that checkered prints are still loved by so many of the girls here. Beechtree is just as excited about it so there are a couple of really nice designs from the women unstitched collection with checkered prints on base topped with pretty embroideries. The two-piece outfits are a treat to sore eyes, to be honest. Convenient pricing and eye-catchy design, what else do you want this winter?

4. Blue Hues

Blue is more like a uniform for winters for us. Your winter closet is definitely not complete without the right pieces in different shades of blue. Beechtree has got you covered in that regard. Some are paired with beautiful shawls and some with printed khaddar dupattas that are equally great in style. We recommend you get the ones with contrast dupattas because that hint of another color never hurt anybody.


5. Embroideries & More

Is there even a question of not having an embroidered outfit in your wardrobe? Well, it’s a given. Don't let the season pass without buying a few unstitched embroidered outfits. At Beechtree, you can find multiple variations of embroidered unstitched outfits from the Winter Volume III. Each outfit speaks of finesse that is a much-needed element to boost the overall look and feel of your outfit. We have our eyes set on Vivid Mustard because the embroidered patterns are oh-so-wonderful. Get it stitched with a culotte and you are good to go for the regular day out!

We hope you are now on board with the idea of loading your winter closet with some chic unstitched cloth from Beechtree’s women unstitched outfits from Volume III. Also, you gotta stay tuned to this platform because we will keep coming up with more and more treats for you all!

Happy Shopping!