Spring/Summer’22 Unstitched

‘The Spring I Found Myself – Some Must-Haves for Beechtree Unstitched Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

The fall season is slowly fading away and we are now slowly making our way to Spring/Summer 2022. This is something that has gotten us really excited because this means we get a much-needed break from layered clothing. Beechtree women unstitched Spring/Summer 2022 collection is just the right solution for your wardrobe woes this season. Breathable, chic, and price-friendly, the collection is perfect in all aspects. You would definitely love the fact that the entire collection is shot on one of the most mesmerizing beaches of the country. Needless to say, the Summer unstitched lawn this year is a treat for sore eyes.

Why the Spring/Summer 2022 Unstitched Collection?

We all are on a quest to find unstitched cloth that’s affordable yet fashionable at another level? Well, this is what this range is. The brand has some awe-inspiring designs for unstitched online starting from Rs. 990 only. Isn’t that incredible? It surely is something big for our girls who are always on a budget but want to stay on top of the trend. Apart from the price, the fabric is super comfortable to help you survive the hot weather that will be here anytime soon. Oh and not to forget the stunning embroideries and the popping prints on outfits. The collection comprises of 1pc, 2pc , and 3pc lawn outfits so you have got a pretty much huge range to buy from.

Pop Collection

We heard you are really into pop collections. The women unstitched Spring/Summer 2022 Volume 1 is just the right fit for you if you are just as big of a fan of bold hues and striking prints. The summer unstitched lawn from the pop collection can be stitched and styled in so many chic ways. You can either make a boho style dress out of it or an easy-breezy loose-fit top to pair with pants of your choice. Tight braids and casual sandals will really add a powerful element to your look. The shirts from the pop collection are priced at Rs. 990 only and are available in quite a few designs.
Pop Collection


Trends and Patterns

We know some of you girls really live for mix and match of prints for the unstitched lawn. Bring you big boho-chic vibes, Trends and Patterns is a must-have outfit for your wardrobe. You can get a very nice tunic, dress, or a casual long shirt made out of it for a breakfast on a bright sunny afternoon this summer. Styling it with cool summery sandals and chic jewellery will conveniently boost your style and mood for the day. We believe you really shouldn’t miss out on this article if you are looking for something immensely quirky for your wardrobe this season.

Intricate Embroideries

Some of us really live for embroidered outfits since they save the day when we want to wear something casual but with a little formal feel to it. The latest unstitched collection at Beechtree is a heaven full of intricate embroideries. Some of the outfits really have our hearts, especially the ones paired with blended chiffon dupattas. The attention to detail makes the outfit worth buying and there's no denying it. The embroidered range also comprises shirt pieces. We are sure you will be falling in immense love with Crystalline Blue and Artic Mist from the collection.

Artic Mist

No wardrobe is complete without a chic embroidered unstitched outfit and rightly so. The dreamy color palette makes the embroidery beautifully stand out on the lawn shirt. You would definitely love how the entire color palette is put together to create a picture-perfect outfit this summer. Artic Mist is an unstitched lawn embroidered 2pc for Rs. 2,650 only which is honestly a steal deal for an outfit featuring a fully embroidered shirt paired with an equally magical printed blended chiffon dupatta. No wonder, we believe this is the best you can buy for an embroidered outfit
Artic Mist


Heavenly Prints

We are all prints about every summer and rightly so.  A versatile print adds so much to your wardrobe that you simply can’t get over it. The composition of prints on unstitched outfits is thoughtfully done. All designs are worthy of making you look like a star of the show. You can get a simple printed lawn shirt for as low as Rs. 990 that does not only look fabulous but also rich in quality. The fabric is quite suitable even for the hottest of seasons. Above all, the range has a wide variety of prints that will have you swoon.

Luscious Roseate

Don’t we all love everything that falls in the family of pink and red? Well, is that even a question? Luscious Roseate is just the right fit for you if you think the same. The article is versatile enough to be worn on brunch and even for daily errands here and there. Priced at Rs. 2,250 only, Luscious Roseate features a printed lawn shirt that is paired with an ever beautiful printed blended chiffon dupatta. We are sensing the article might run out of stock because of how reasonably priced it is for an unstitched 2pc outfit so you have got to add it to the cart right now.


                                                      Luscious Roseate



Now that you have an idea what to expect from Beechtree Unstitched Spring/Summer’22, we don’t think you should be waiting any further to grab your favourite pieces. However, there’s much more that will be live shortly online and in stores. We assure you everything will be worth buying in all aspects. Don’t delay, buy today!

Happy Summers!